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Topdeck 2012: European Travel Resolutions

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The New Year may be well underway, but it’s never too late to make a resolution and set goals for 2012.

Here are Topdeck’s Top 10 European Travel Resolutions for inspiration!

1. Eat Better

Eat Better

Eat Better

Europe is known for its delicious and varied local foods, but when it comes to fresh and tasty cuisine it’s hard to go passed the Italians! Gelato, espresso, pasta, wine and, of course, the pizza - it won’t take long until you’re feeling the effects of la dolce vita!

2. Stress Less

Burning the candle at both ends? Working your fingers to the bone? Kick back, relax and enjoy the slower pace of life. It’s all about lazy days and crazy nights with Croatia Sailing – the only thing you’ll have to think about is whether to sunbake, have a drink or make a splash in the sea!

Stress Less

Stress Less

3. Meet new people

Meet New People

Meet New People

Get out there and mingle! Experiences are always that much better when they’re shared with mates. Travelling with like-minded 18-39 year olds, you’ll soon be hitting it off and making friends for life.

4. Learn something new

Travelling is the perfect way to keep your brain ticking over. How about practicing some foreign words and phrases before your big trip (there are plenty to choose from in Europe.)? Plus, the continent has a long and fascinating past so soak up the history as you experience it firsthand.

5. Get organised

Are you the King of Procrastination or the Queen of Disorder? Now’s the time to whip yourself into shape and get organised! Topdeck makes it easy to get your 2012 European adventure up and running. Pick the trip and date you want, book your flights and let Topdeck take care of making those pesky accommodation bookings and getting you from A to B and back again.

6. Get more exercise

Grab your walking, hiking or running shoes and get ready to explore! For the most epic stair climb ever have a go at the Eiffel Tower or St Peter’s Basilica. If getting out in the wild is more your style, make your way up the heights of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

7. Lose weight

Put all the stuff you want to pack in a pile and half it! This will make getting around a lot easy and leave you with plenty of extra room in your luggage for souvenirs!

8. Step outside your comfort zone

What is life without adventure? It can be easy to stay safely within your comfort zone but it’s important to test the waters and challenge yourself! So tuck into a plate of escargot in France, throw yourself out of a plane for a sky dive in Switzerland and strike out on your own and make your way to Europe for a taste of big wide world.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

9. Save money

We know how expensive it is to travel Europe, but with Topdeck you can get the same standard of accommodation and same quality of food for a faction of the cost than if you did it alone. Sign up for one of our EuroCamping trips to make your money go that little bit further and keep an eye on our deals page for further savings!

10. Live life to the full!

Wake up in a new city, in a new bed, with new surroundings and new friends ready to seize the day! Grab every opportunity that comes your way and remember there’s always time to sleep on the bus.

Visit Europe with Topdeck and check out our latest deals and savings before you book!

Travel in Spring - land a spot on one of our latest new trips & save 10%!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Travel in Spring 2010 with Topdeck and land a spot on one of the several new arrivals on our list of awesome trips for 18-30 somethings! Including brand new itineraries around Europe, Egypt, Morocco and the Middle East!

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New European Itineraries!

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Trail of Columbus 7 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%
Turkey Explored 12 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%
Iceland Uncovered 8 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%

New Egypt, Morocco and Middle East Itineraries!

Trip Days Departure Dates Promo Code Discount
Ramses Adventure 8 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%
Middle East Explorer 10 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%
Syria and Jordan 9 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%
Marrakech Atlas Trek 5 30/03/2010- 31/10/2010 TD10NEW1 10%

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Maybe you need a break, maybe you’d prefer more than 10 minutes of blue skies and sunshine a day? (I know I do… ) Here’s an idea: how about heading out on our cool European Getaway trip on the 12 September 2009 for 20 glorious days around Europe? Paris, the Swiss Alps, French Riviera, Florence, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam – shall I go on? What’s even better, you can save a massive 20% off the trip price just by using promo code TD EUR09 31D

Not sure about 20 days? How about 12 days on our Eastern Escape? ticking off Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Munich from your ‘must do’ list. If you can pack up and go on our 23 August departure, 20% savings are on the table when you use promo code TD EUR09 41B

For more info on all our current special offers, don’t forget to check our Travel Deals & Competitions page which we update regularly.

I’m off. Adios Amigos! 8)

Topdecks Biggest Ever Sale!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

April 9th, 2009

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